This document will take you through the steps of setting up the Vicon timecode in Hand Engine.


  • StretchSense Hand Engine 1.1.0: Login to your account page on or email for details.
  • Vicon Shogun

  • Vicon DataStreamSDk

  • Python Installation:

    • 64 bit if 64bit windows

    • 32 bit if 32 bit windows

      Note: Even if you have Python installed from the Microsoft App store you will still need to install Python from the website above

      IMPORTANT: Tick the checkbox for adding Python 3.9 to PATH

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  • Python DataStream SDK Libraries: This will be installed by running install_vicon_dssdk.bat available in the DataStreamSDK Python folder:

    e.g. C:\Program Files\Vicon\DataStream SDK\Win64\Python\install_vicon_dssdk.bat

    • C:\Program Files\Vicon\DataStream SDK\Win32\Python\install_vicon_dssdk.bat
The purpose of reading the Vicon data stream is to read the timecode value of the Shogun stream. It has only been tested with the Shogun and may extend to stream from another type of Vicon system.

Setting up the Vicon timecode 

1 - Make sure you have Shogun running with an active TCP data stream.

2 - Once you have a running Shogun stream, go to Hand Engine -> Master timecode

3 - Select Vicon - Network, enter the IP address & port of the TCP stream in format IP: port (eg

4 - Turn it ON.

  • if there is an active stream, the message alert will say connection successful.
  • if it fails, it will say it cannot connect to the TCP server.

On a successful connection, the time code from the Vicon stream will be used in the glove stream going out of the hand engine as long as the Vicon Network is selected in timecode and the connection is turned ON.

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