This document will take you through the steps of setting up the Hybrid mode in Hand Engine, allowing you to capture the lifelike movements afforded by blend mode or express mode as well as being able to snap to key poses when handling props for example.


NEW FEATURE: If you want to use Express Mode in combination with Hybrid mode you can now do so in Hand Engine 1.1.1. Login to your account to download the latest version of Hand Engine.

Setting up the Hybrid Mode

2 - Go to Captured Poses and enable the Key tickbox (1) for your preferred poses, then set the confidence level (2) for them.

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Note: You will need to enable a minimum of two differently named key poses for the Hybrid mode to work.

3- Click on Train/Use Hybrid to apply your changes and turn the Preview on (in 1.1.1 Preview will automatically turn on).

Hand Engine 1.1.0 UI

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Hand Engine 1.1.1 updated UI

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Note:  You can adjust the confidence sliding bar until it fits your desired outcome, and make sure to click on Train/Use Hybrid when new changes have been made. The higher the Confidence (to the right), the more aggressively it will snap to the Key pose. 

4 - You can adjust the Duration sliding bar in the Settings box in order to make the pose detection transition animation look smoother.

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