This document will take you through the steps of setting custom poses in Hand Engine


  • StretchSense HandEngine: Login to your account page on

  • Operating System: Windows 10

Creating Custom Poses

  1. Launch Hand Engine, connect your glove(s), and load your existing Actor and Profile.

  2. Click on Use Blend Mode so your animation will have continuous finger movement.

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  3. Try to replicate your desired pose as close as possible, then turn Preview off to freeze the hand animation.

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  4. In the Pose Library section, click on Create Folder. then name your new folder as preferred.

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  5. Select your new folder and click on Add Pose, then name the new pose as preferred.

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  6. You can modify the newly created pose by clicking on it again, then choosing what knuckle you would like to edit from the SCENE tab on the right side of the UI.

    You can change the Position and Rotation of that particular knuckle in the OBJECT tab.

    You can also use the gizmo from the hand display to translate.

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    Once you are done editing it, click on Update Pose to save the changes.

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  7. You are now ready to add the new pose to your profile.

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