This document will take you through the steps of setting up the Express Calibration mode in Hand Engine 1.1.0.


Express Mode Presentation ( ≈ 2 min)

Setting up the Express Calibration Mode

  1. Download and Install the StretchSense Hand Engine 1.1.0.

  2. Launch Hand Engine and connect your glove(s).
  3. In the Actor section, click on the dropdown list and select StretchSense. 

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  4. In the Profile section, click on the dropdown list and select General Purpose.Image Placeholder
  5. Once done you should see a popup message "Trained successfully. Please hit capture button to start, then turn on Preview.

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  6. You should see an unusual hand pose displayed, it is just because the software does not know what to do yet.

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  7. Click the CALIBRATE button (in the Pose Library pane) and wiggle your fingers through their full range of motion until the calibrate button has changed back to normal (make sure to extend your thumb as much as possible in every direction).Image Placeholder

 Each time you click Calibrate it will reset the Express Mode calibration. We are adding new features to enable you to edit/save the calibrations.


The Express Calibration mode can have its capture time adjusted. To do that, click on Preferences from the top left, then set your preferred time for the Express Capture (seconds) from the Application Setting popup.

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Step-by-step instructions with images. Updated for Hand Engine 1.1.0



Document created (video upload dates Feb 2nd, 2021.