This document will take you through the steps of setting up a Wi-Fi bridge with an Android phone to extend the range of your gloves streaming capability. The application is designed to run on an Android Phone that the performer is carrying on their body. The application communicates via Bluetooth to the gloves and will stream data from up to 2 gloves simultaneously on your Wi-Fi network.


How to Setup a Wi-Fi bridge

  1. Install the StretchSense WiFi Link APK to your android phone. The download link can be found here:

    Please note: You will need to Enable Installation from Unknown Sources in the settings of your phone, and we recommend Disabling Battery Optimisation for this application

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  2. Connect the Android device to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC running Hand Engine.
  3. Turn the gloves on at the circuit and the circuit will be blinking slow blue.
  4. Open the StretchSense WiFi Link application on your phone

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  5. Select Start Pairing (allow location access)
  6. Select Start Scan. A 10s countdown timer starts and your glove should appear. Tick the checkbox and select Connect

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    Please note: If you are using two gloves then follow this step if not then continue to Step 7. Turn both gloves on before selecting start scan. If you select Start Scan two gloves should appear in the list of Devices (see image below on the left). Tick the checkboxes for both gloves and select Connect.


  7. Once connected the bar graph for the glove will populate with the raw data coming from the glove and you will be able to see live data from the sensors. Above the bar graph is the IP address and port number that the glove is streaming data on.

    For example in the image below the IP address is and the port number is 3000.

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    Please note: If you have a second glove you should see a second bar graph if you scroll down on
    the app (see image below).

  8. Open Hand Engine 1.1.0, click on glove 1 dropdown arrow to expand the glove control panel and click Network mode. You will notice you currently have no sensor data on the bar graph (see image below)

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  9. Enter the IP address and port number and toggle the stream on.

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  10. You should immediately see the bar graph for that glove in Hand Engine update with the raw data coming from the glove. You will also see the green indicator come on to indicate the glove is connected and the sample rate is no longer 0 s/sec.

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  11. If you have a second glove follow this step. If not continue to step 12. Connect the second glove using the same IP address. However, the port number will now be 3001.

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  12. The performer can now carry the phone on their body to extend the possible wireless range of the gloves.
  13. Use Hand Engine as normal from this point onwards. See Using Hand Engine.

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Known potential issues:

  • If you have a complex network arrangement between your stage Wi-Fi access point and the PC running Hand Engine (for example a number of switches and a firewall between the WiFi AP and the PC), you may see reduced sample rate of your gloves (i.e. less than 120s/sec).

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