This guide will provide an overview of how to install a floating license server on your local network that can be used to activate Hand Engine on a PC on your local/VPN network


  • StretchSense Floating License Server Installation Files (Login to your account page on or email if this download is not visible to you and you would like to setup a floating license server)

    NOTE: There are separate floating license servers for Hand Engine Studio and Hand Engine Animator. Please be sure you have downloaded the correct version as Hand Engine Animator license keys will not work with the Hand Engine Studio Floating License Server and vice versa.

  • Hand Engine Floating License Key: Email for details

    NOTE: Please inform StretchSense if you want a floating license key. License keys can be converted between floating and machine-locked licenses on request to StretchSense.

  • A physical PC (not a virtual machine) that is connected to the same network as the PC you will be running Hand Engine on to install the Floating License Server onto.

  • Hand Engine installed but not activated on a PC on your LAN/VPN

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

Using the Hand Engine Floating License Server on your LAN/VPN

The StretchSense Floating License Server must be installed on a physical PC on the same network (either LAN or via VPN)  as the computer that will be running Hand Engine. Please note a permanent connection to this network is required to maintain the activation. If your Hand Engine PC loses its connection to the StretchSense Floating License Server you will get a 15 minute grace period before Hand Engine will deactivate.

  1. Download the StretchSense Floating License Server ZIP file from your My Account page on Contact if this is not visible to you.

  2. Unzip the Floating License Server files to a directory on the PC you will be installing the Floating License Server onto. It can be the StretchSense directory if you prefer C:\Program Files (x86)\StretchSense.

    NOTE: The Floating License Server must be a physical machine and not a virtual machine. For security reasons you cannot run the Floating License Server on a virtual machine.

  3. Open a command line window (you must Run with Administrator privileges) and navigate to the folder with the Floating License Server files in by typing:

    cd <your Install Directory>

    Then hit 'Enter'.

    Image Placeholder

  4. Run activate-install.bat (type in: activate-install.bat into the console then hit 'Enter'). You will be prompted for your license key (available from the Software Licenses section on your My Account page on Enter your license key and press 'Enter'. This will install the Floating License Server as a service on this PC. The Floating License Server uses port 13 on the license server machine, you may need to configure your network to allow traffic on port 13 between your license server machine and the other PC on the network.

    NOTE: Your license key must be configured to be a floating license key by StretchSense. This can be done on request by contacting

    Once you add your license key the below should come up:

  5. Open Hand Engine and select Floating License then click Next

  6. Add the IP address of the PC running the StretchSense Floating License Server (e.g. if the Floating License Server is running on the same PC as Hand Engine) and port number (the default value is 13).

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